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Personal styling services

Feel like the star that you are with professional personal stylist based in Prague and experience a bespoke, celebrity-style shopping experience. 

Our stylists have no limit in finding the fabulous and individual you! They will get to know you by building a unique personal profile based on your lifestyle, body shape, personality, likes, dislikes and, of course, budget. Shops, stores and collections will be carefully selected and sourced from Prague's trendiest markets, within stores, off the peg, made to measure, hired from costumiers or designed by highly talented designers and makers. From this vast selection, your stylist will handpick and reserve pieces for you in preparation for your shopping experience.

See the real difference a personal stylist can make and how it will change both the way you see yourself and the way others react to you.

Wardrobe Edit:

This is a highly beneficial first step in helping me to get to know and understand you, your lifestyle, personal taste and current shopping habits. This will enable me to gain a clear picture of what is required to get the best results from the forthcoming personal shopping session.

During the edit I will:

  • See what you already have - what works, what doesn't and what is missing.
  • Highlight the essential items needed as a foundation in your wardrobe.
  • Explain to you the reason why some items work better for you than others.
  • Assist you in the clearing out of items that no longer compliment your lifestyle or reflect professional achievements.
  • Advise on alterations to existing garments that maybe longer fit or were not altered at the point of purchase (I will pin and prepare all these ready to be taken to the tailors).
  • Explain how existing items will best work to flatter by introducing new ways of wearing them.
  • Explain how to wear items you have previously disregarded or not understood how to wear can incorporate back into your wardrobe.
  • Explain simple ways to update your wardrobe seasonally.
  • Advise on the aftercare and storage of your clothes so they last longer and always look there best.
  • Leave you with a newly organised wardrobe in a logical order.
  • Compile a shopping list of items that are missing for us to prioritise during the shopping session.

After this appointment I will send you a 4 page visual PDF document detailing easy ways to care for your clothes so they continue to look good and last as long as possible before needing to be replaced.

Duration 3 hours

Personal Shopping Session:

In advance of the shopping session I will pre shop a selection of carefully chosen stores that are all in close proximity of each other and appropriate to your brief and budget.
This ensures we can cover the most ground together in the time we have.

We will meet for a quick coffee before setting off on the shopping session, this allows me to brief you on the day ahead, highlight the route I have planned and explain to you some of the product I have already pre selected in advance of us shopping.

During the appointment I will:

  • Ensure you invest in items missing from your wardrobe that will work with pieces you already own.
  • Introduce you to relevant brands which are appropriate to your lifestyle and budget.
  • Spend time showing you how to outfit build by investing in versatile pieces that can be worn multiple ways.
  • Save you money by not letting you purchase items that neither flatter or suit you.
  • Show where to find the best pieces in terms of quality and price.
  • Teach you how to introduce current trends to your wardrobe that reflect your personality.
  • Educate you in what pieces best suit and flatter your body
  • Over see any tailoring needed on purchases ensuring that the fit and proportion of everything you buy it perfect.
  • Give you my unbiased, knowledgeable and frank opinion.
  • Document all items purchased, this will allow me to build up an in depth knowledge of your wardrobe ensuring any future shopping trip together are as efficient as possible.

I promise to make our time together rewarding, enjoyable and fun, I will take care of the usual stresses and frustrations that come with shopping alone and unguided.
You will leave with a wardrobe of fantastic new outfits made up of inspiring new garments and accessories I know you'll love wearing.
It is rare that my clients will have ever have dedicated this much time to clothes shopping, I am confident that all of my clients find the process rewarding, inspiring and often fun.

A personalised service that provides gift shopping for when you don't have the time or any idea on what to get someone for those special dates, occasions or events.

No matter how big or small the budget, our personal shoppers will find that perfect gift. After a quick consultation, we will research, source, purchase and even package, to ensure that we have found the perfect gift for whoever it is that you're buying for. It can be as little as that one gift for a special occasion or it could be multiple presents for the festive season or corporate clients and staff.

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What the girls are saying

Martina Krees

personal shopping

"As a many women, I am not so comfortable in my own skin and I don't always find shopping enjoyable as I'm unsure if I am picking the right cuts and colors to suit my shape.
I was hesitant about the personal styling process as I feared letting someone else know my insecurities. I shouldn't have been concerned; from the first consultation Michaela was professional, supportive, encouraging and honest - fears immediately allayed!
The collaboration on style ideas and wardrobe needs prior to our shopping trip meant that there was a structured approach to our shop and it gave me confidence to try outfits and styles that I normally wouldn't. Going in with a set budget was also reassuring and made us choose wisely - keeping me on task!
I walked away from my personal styling experience feeling 5kg lighter, brimming with confidence and excited to show off my rejuvenated wardrobe!"

Suzan Latovski

wardrobe detox / personal shopping

I had a fantastic experience with Michaela - The Personal Stylist. She came to my house and did a wardrobe edit which was really beneficial. It was streamlining my wardrobe, giving away clothes I didn't like, suggesting alterations to make some of my clothes more wearable, and determine what new items I needed to bring my wardrobe together.
The personal shopping was next- lots of fun! Michaela treated me like a VIP, sitting me in the fitting rooms of shops she had already researched for particular items. It was efficient and really enjoyable. I came away with 10-12 fantastic pieces in just 3 hours and didn't need to spend a lot of money either.
Would highly recommend this service to people who need a bit of advice with their wardrobe especially if you are time poor. It has given me more confidence in choosing my outfits myself too.<br>

Kerry Lungberg

wardrobe detox / personal shopping

Michaela is remarkable. She has a gift that enables her to match your style with what suits you and makes you feel amazing.
The wardrobe edit was very cathartic - was great to get rid of pieces that do nothing for me, and get some altered to have a new lease on life. My wardrobe is now organised, uncluttered and only includes pieces that make me feel good.
Shopping with Michaela was informative, surprising, fun and successful! I feel like I lost a dress size, by wearing the right clothes in the right way and using accessories to complete the look. Which made me feel confident and walk taller.
A wonderful experience for invigorating my soul as well as my wardrobe."

Ellen Marmens

wardrobe detox

"I can highly recommend Personal Styling. Michaela helped me get my wardrobe into shape and took the stress out of deciding what to wear in the first week of my new job. She has loads of great 'tips ranging from wardrobe organisation, accessory styling and giving new life to unworn clothes. Get in touch with Michaela today and give your wardrobe some love!"

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