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Collaboration with professionals

Michaela is experienced makeup artist, hair and fashion stylist based in Prague. She will be delighted to create bespoke look for your campaign or corporate photoshoot.

Specialization: Fashion styling, Photo make-up, TV & video make-up, SFX, stage make-up, men make-up, iconic make-up, extreme make-up, hair styling and runway make-up.

Collaboration with another makeup artist:  Lan Nguyen-Grealis, Cristian Buca, Olivia Ferrer, Iana Willkofer, Hristina Georgievska, Sasha W. Isar, Janka Letková, Zuzana Machalová, Filip Novák, Simona Bartálová and others

Collaboration with photographers: Joshua Leo, Dean Philips, Ijah Constable, Valentin Calinescu, Esther Ene, Antonello Marini, Lukáš Dvořák, Kamil Rodinger, Filip Matušinsky, Vojtěch Vlk, Bohuslav Hybrant and others.

Fashion shows: London Fashion Week F/W 2018, Exhalt Fashion London 2018, Archer Academy Fashion Show London 2017,  Feeric Fashion Week Romania F/W 2017, Sharka Bosakova Fashion Prague 2016, and others

Film production: Juraj Jakubisko - Perinbaba II 2017, London Film School - student films 2017, Prague Film School - student films 2017

Advertisements: MAC Fashion Photography London 2018, Image 1st London 2018, Fox Visual Art London 2018, Pocket Creatives London 2018, Blow ltd London 2018, Swich London 2018, ProBeauty Prague 2017, Publishers Prague 2017, Pure Models 2017, Alo Diamonds Prague 2017, Still Models Prague 2016 and others.

Make-up, hair styling and fashion styling

Michaela would love to create flawless hair and makeup and hair for you project. It can be soft makeup for your company headshoots, glamorous look for your commercials or fashion makeup for you catwalk. If you need more makeup artist, she can bring her team of professionals. Michaela can provide fashion styling for your project as well.

She has work experiences from London, that means she can work with different tones of skin as - black skin, Indian skin, Asian skin and others. 

Every project is unique, please send her message about what you need and she will send you a quote.

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